Yikes! Monsieur Bulldog Has A BIG Bicycle Problem | Cartoon for Kids

(light melodic music) (cheerful upbeat music) – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic was getting ready for some fun in the sun, when all of a sudden,
the garage bell rang. (bell ringing) Mr. Monkey has a visitor,
he loves having visitors. Who could it be? It’s Monsieur Bulldog. – Hi, there, Monsieur Bulldog. – Bonjour, Monsieur Monkey, how do you do? – Very well, thank you, how are you today? – Moi? I am terrible! (traditional French accordion music) I was planning to pedal my
bicyclette to ze park today, so I could run with ze butterflies and eat my baguette in
ze beautiful sunshine, but I have a very, very big problem. – What is it, Monsieur Bulldog? – I will demonstrate. (traditional French accordion music) Now regard, le problem. Do you see? – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey can see, Monsieur Bulldog’s legs are
too short to reach the pedals. – I cannot ride my bicyclette
in ze park like zis, what about ze butterflies? What about my baguette? Ze day, she is ruined! (traditional French accordion music) What is a French bulldog like
me to do, Monsieur Monkey? Can you help me? – Well, let’s take a look. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey
checks the bicycle. First he checks the little tire. Then he checks the big tire. Then he checks the basket. He even checks the pedal. Everything seems to be in working order. (light melodic music) Mr. Monkey has an idea. – Monsieur Bulldog, I think I have a solution to your problem. – Oh, merci, merci, I
would love nothing more than to ride through ze park today and see all of ze beautiful butterflies. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey
swings off to his workbench. (cheerful upbeat music) Let’s see, Monsieur Bulldog
wants to ride his new bicycle, but his little legs are too
short to reach the pedals. Mr. Monkey needs to find a way to help Monsieur Bulldog pedal his bike. Mr. Monkey has an idea, but first he’ll need some supplies. He’ll need four blocks of wood, two short pieces and two tall pieces, two loops of rubber plus eight bolts and eight nuts and of course, (triumphant melodic music) his trusty monkey wrench! – Ah! – I know just how to fix your
problem, Monsieur Bulldog. – With zese how you say, blocks of wood? – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey gets to work. Mr. Monkey starts with the first pedal, he’ll need one of his short pieces of wood and one of his tall pieces of wood plus four of his bolts
and four of the nuts, one, two, three, and four and he’ll take one of his loops of rubber. That leaves Mr. Monkey with
half of his materials remaining to do the same thing on the other pedal. (cheerful upbeat music) Mr. Monkey is all done. – Incroyable! – Hop on, Monsieur Bulldog,
take it for a spin! – Alright. (traditional French accordion music) Allons-y, let’s go! You have done it, Monsieur Monkey. Now I can cycle to ze beautiful
park on my bicyclette, merci beaucoup, thank you
very much, Monsieur Monkey, au revoir! – Au revoir, goodbye. – I am coming, my beautiful butterflies. – [Narrator] Another satisfied customer and with that, Mr. Monkey goes
and gets his own bicyclette and now Mr. Monkey, it’s time to put the pedal
to the metal, let’s go! (bicycle bell dinging) (cheerful upbeat music) – [Mr. Monkey] Ooh!

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    Thank you sooo much. We love Mr Monkey.
    You make It with love. Congratulations.


  2. Leo Papadopoulos says:

    Thank you for making more mr monkey,monkey mechanic super simple tv

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  4. Jessy McLovin says:

    I love this episode SOOOO much that I keep using my kid as an excuse to watch it everyday!

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