You are Maestro Nam’s poodle, aren’t you? [I Wanna Hear Your Song / ENG]

How is your neck? It’s better. How is your uncle? It was appendicitis. He had surgery right away yesterday. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been centuries since we met? But we met yesterday. I’m sorry. I’ll get going first. (So I’m a coward because I’m anonymous.) So I’m a coward because I’m anonymous. But you’re not a coward for lying behind our backs? Speak for yourself. Don’t hide and clear this up out in the open. You are Maestro Nam’s poodle, aren’t you? Good morning. Let’s start our practice. What’s up with the air? Do you not want to practice? I’m sorry, but we’d appreciate it if you say something before we start. There are a lot of talks on the online forum. Why? I see. Because of the photo? What’s wrong with that? I guess no one in our orchestra is dating. I don’t understand why I must explain my private life. But I guess I will since you want me to. About the photo you saw from the online forum, it was my way of expressing gratitude towards Ms. Hong for sending a video to my grandmother who raised me. And you are all gravely mistaken. Ms. Hong isn’t interested in me. It’s the opposite. I’m interested in her. – Really? / – Is that true? How is that possible? Shall we start now? From the 1st measure of “Hungarian Dance No. 5”. Ha Eunju. Why did you call me? Are you happy to have your revenge? If you’re talking about Jaehyung, no. I’m sorry to break it to you, but I don’t care whether Maestro Nam is interested in you or not. This isn’t the first time he’s acting however he wants to. I’ve had enough of his fickle heart. I don’t get swayed by something like this. You might think I’m despicable, but I’ll say it for the record. There’s nothing between Maestro Nam and me. And he didn’t mean any of that. So what? If you say that it’s not true, will that change anything? Get this. Maestro Nam isn’t the guy you know. He would do anything for what he wants. He might even kill someone. He doesn’t suit you.

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