You Won’t Believe Who’s Under The Poodle Mask! | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

(SINGING) Who’s behind that? Take it off! Take it off! Oh, my god! Comedian extraordinaire
Margaret Cho! Oh, snap! I loved being on
“Masked Singer.” It was so exciting to be
hidden behind everything. Comedian, Bay Area. Ali Wong. Oh, good guess. I really am good
friends with Ken Jeong. I play his sister
on his TV show. I couldn’t believe that
he didn’t guess it. This is hard. I really don’t know. I’m really glad
that people got to see a different side of who I am. I think the poodle mask was me
because I am fluffy and pink, but I’m still a bitch. I had such a great time. I want to give a
shoutout to all my fans out there and all the
fans of the poodle. I hope that you enjoy
the rest of the masks. I can’t wait to see
who’s behind them.

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96 Responses

  1. John Hypebeast says:


  2. Monalisa Gregory Albania Dimayugan says:


  3. Celeste says:

    come back poodle!

  4. Evelynn B says:


  5. Jahnae Jones says:


  6. Cena wolf says:

    Bring poodle back plz someday

  7. mAgical deerios says:

    unicorn or hippo
    unicorn: reply
    hippo: dislike

  8. vanessa rios says:

    I love her ? singing

    Do you agree with me

    If you do give me a thumbs up

  9. Mark Armstrong says:

    EPIC REVEAL!!!!!!!!

  10. Pøtatø Bøi says:


  11. Fairy Frequency says:

    If you are reading this we wish you an amazing day x)

  12. Ana Jasso says:


  13. Moraima Davalos says:

    cant believe it

  14. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    I KNEW IT!!!

  15. paul tumaliuan says:

    She did great ?

  16. Izzy says:


  17. beverly foreman says:

    Never would guess

  18. Priscilla Lopez says:

    She did GREAT!!!!

  19. Why Don't We- San Francisco says:

    0:38 but i’m still a bi*ch LOVE HERRRR

  20. Cristian Lopez says:

    I watch this in one moment.
    And knowing how humans watch this is disgustful, just like every single thing on tv or any media Outlet.
    Yes i sometime watch things that humans watch and it makes me wonder, are humans that stupid or the media so crafty and Evil.
    I am not a tcramp supporter, i dont follow things of stupidity every single thing in the media is brainwashed to your belief to keep you divided

  21. sh09un1 says:

    That awkward moment when Ken Jeong blurted out Joan Rivers and quickly switched it to her daughter because Joan Rivers has been dead since 2014….

  22. K 9 says:

    From the very first appearance, the majority of guesses was Margaret Cho. This wasnt a surprise.

  23. Herbert Rossman says:

    Margaret cho I was thinking someone like ellen degeneres was the poodle

  24. mjr3112 says:

    Dance Moms fans know what song is in the background

  25. Alex Skye says:

    Been 4 reveals and I still have no idea who these people are.

  26. Adrianna Hubbard says:

    Their set up very much reminds me of Gregory's horror show, I absolutely love these costumes!

  27. Nathan Forester says:

    I definitely was right on the mark with Margret Cho, at first I thought it was going to be Tyra Banks or possibly Blondie or Tiffany but my first guess (as well as everyone else's) was right, the runway clue made me think of Tyra for some reason.

  28. Jaime Shults says:

    She did great. I can't believe Ken didn't recognize her voice when she was on his show.

  29. Jess H says:

    I think the raven is Tina Turner

  30. D S says:

    Sucha nice show, nobody expected poodle is the margaret cho, till she takes it off the mask.

  31. Jerald Evans says:

    Finally someone I know.

  32. Mar. shmallow says:

    I have no idea why I’m reading comments saying they knew it was Margaret Cho from the beginning. I’ve been reading comments in every video since the beginning and I can tell you majority of guesses was not Margaret Cho.

  33. Raven Newlyn says:

    “I am fluffy and pink, and I’m still a bitch”

  34. UnderdogIQ22 says:

    (Takes off mask)
    Audience still has no fucking clue who she is

  35. SooMuchMore says:

    I guessed that Margaret Cho was one of them- I just couldn't tell which one. Lol

  36. San xx says:

    who are these people??? i literally don’t know any of them

  37. LordAaronus says:

    They should bring em all back for the last episode

  38. QUEEN BEYONCE says:


    But who said Raven???!????

  39. Mika's Place says:

    I really was shocked when they said that the poodle would be unmasked! She sang well! It was pretty funny that ken didn't know it was her!?

  40. Casey G says:

    I didn’t know she could sing and she can really sing.

  41. Big Jay says:

    I didnt recognize her.
    She's had some work done.

  42. David John Claveria says:

    Whaaaaat? Margaret Cho? ?

    I dont know her, bec im not american citizen anyway ?

  43. David John Claveria says:

    Whaaaaat? Margaret Cho? ?

    I dont know her, bec im not american citizen anyway ?

  44. MsWDWFAN1 says:

    Wonder what they do with those beautiful costumes when they get voted off?
    I hope they don't destroy them! ?

  45. Yulia Muthmainnah says:

    Honestly kind of disappointed with this show, so many underated singer who can sing but they bought many people who doesn't sing really well. Not this poodle i mean.

  46. Casper D. says:

    So far 3 out of 4…knew it was Margaret Cho from clues…there's 3 more I know for sure from clues…The other 5 don't have the slightest idea..

  47. Jeni Fierce says:

    Don’t know how Alien beat her

  48. Hayley gamer says:

    the poodle shouldn't of gotten eliminated

  49. Hayley gamer says:

    the raven should of gotten eliminated

  50. Leo says:

    How did the Alien beat the Poodle?

  51. Hugo Solis 20 says:


  52. Huntress Snow says:

    Okay now it's time to reveal the ?…idk but she can't sing! Then the Raven..Kathy or Ricki! Then the ?…cute but no ?! Then the ?…. who could possibly be a Backstreet Boy! Then sorry ?!….going against the grain to say Wayne Brady! ✋ a minute then they have to mash up the remaining singers…and the real games begin!???

  53. Lord Rothschild says:

    This show is staged fake trash. Meanwhile fake meteorites hit the blood moon. Individuals are hopelessly lost.

  54. The Masked Singer says:

    SHE FOOLED US ALL! Catch the full episode here!

  55. STONE COLD says:

    how did alien not go home?>

  56. Adil Karadza says:

    It was too early to unmask Poodle. She was my favourite in this group beside the Rabbit.

  57. Andrea Farnum says:

    !!!WHAT!!! I'm not sure if anyone caught this but…not even the masks know who the other is?? What a twisted game

  58. Annie Productions says:

    But she didn't deserve it

  59. M.A.G. Visions says:

    That is so cool love her

  60. lkuhhdsfgasdgvdadfg says:

    I have no idea who these people are…

  61. Polly the Angel says:

    I'm sad they chose to get rid of the poodle, she and all the others were amazing though

  62. treckyvoice omg says:

    If it makes you feel any better i didn't know poodle either

  63. Marz :3 says:

    “I’m fluffy and pink, but still a Bitch.” Yes you are, in a good way

  64. luvhorses44 says:

    Cant believe the Alien won. She was horrible, couldn't even hear her sing good.

    Here are my final guesses for the rest of the field

    Unicorn – Tori Spelling
    Raven – Ricki Lake
    Alien I think is LaToya Jackson
    Rabbit – JC from N'SYNC
    Lion – Rumor Willis
    Peacock – Donny Osmand
    Monster – T-Pal
    Bee – Gladys Knight

  65. Thao Le says:

    She might not be the best singer, but I was sad to see her go.

  66. Howard Tung says:

    I thought these were supposed to be A-listers…Margaret Cho, Tommy Chong, Terry Bradshaw? Hardly.

  67. Giana Gomez says:

    Everyone expected that these people will be super famous and well known like famous singers or actors is it just me cuz there are already been 4 reveals but i still have no idea who these people are..

  68. Shadowghostgirl says:

    I like her singing

  69. Alonso Solórzano says:

    I can’t believe I couldn’t figure it out that it was Margaret Cho even after I’ve been following her for like 15 years, the Justice thing threw me off but it was obvious it was a comedian after the jokes and she is friend’s with Cyndi Lauper who is also super pro-LGBT like her, so she singing “Time After Time” was a clue, but her voice was kinda auto tuned so it was hard to get it right!

  70. Ag World says:

    I loved the poodle ?

  71. Opinion Holes says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! But Nicole is gonna make me punch her in her fucking face with her STUPID. ASS. GUESSES!!!!

  72. dltmdwnfkdldjs says:

    didnt know she could sing that well

  73. Jake Oconnor says:

    Who is this…

  74. LM B says:

    I LOVE the Peacock on this show. Hoping he wins. My most recent guess for who he is based on the clues given: Donny Osmond.

  75. Makayla ramirez says:

    I'm getting pretty mad may be wrong ( Don't mind my rudeness. )
    But this is a show where we guess who these people are. Not America got talent! It's not a singing contest.
    I feel so bad for the unicorn people hate on her because she is still in the show. What's your problem people I get it she sucks at singing but so many people are so rude to her.

  76. Maximus W says:

    My parents guessed correctly

  77. Pichu TV says:

    She is hilarious!

  78. Mariam C says:

    My mom guessed it was her but I didn’t even know who she is

  79. Anthony Vasquez says:

    Why do they only have the irrelevant celebreties?!?

  80. Momo Lee Hwang says:

    Finally someone I know!
    Asian pride??

  81. antwan mccray says:

    o my gish

  82. Rad Ness says:

    It’s funny how she said she was a b*tch and her costume was a female dog

  83. Bluethrill says:

    Wtf is this show?

  84. UgolinoV says:

    Why would Margaret Cho consider herself a B-word? ?

  85. Alan Xie says:

    I literally screamed when it was Margaret Cho, fucking love her to bits!!!!

  86. JWilliam Perry says:


  87. Lisa Love says:

    Who the heck is the lion? Or is she still on the show?

  88. Alie Ivette says:

    What with all these comedians & athletes? Lol is the new trend now? Not hate tho is just different from SK one 🙂

  89. vanessa rios says:

    No offense but I thought the bee ? was gonna lose

  90. MythicalSnake50 M says:

    She looks like a power ranger without the mask

  91. HeyItsBrooke says:

    I think the people who sings great get unmasked early because who would wait a long time to find out who the great singer was?

  92. Lana Oren says:


  93. bonnieandfoxy nightmareandspringtrap says:

    So happy for ken ??

  94. Ariana Erazo says:

    The creep ?

  95. dragonladyinthewoods says:

    love her!! asian representtt!!!

  96. imanii moore says:

    these outfit are to die for

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