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Brittany: You probably would attack someone if given the right circumstance. Yuki is a high content wolf dog. He is about 87.5% grey wolf. I was nervous the first time going in with Yuki. Yuki can be dangerous. I believe it’s either five or less volunteers that we have that can actually interact with Yuki. Come here. I was able to start working with him and understanding him, and he obviously allowed me to share space with him. Yuki’s 12 years old, around 120 pounds. he’s very tall, which is a normal wolf trait. Good boy. Yuki has a fairly similar story to most of our animals that we have at the sanctuary. So someone had obtained him in some way as a puppy. And they realized pretty quickly that he exhibits more wolf like behaviour versus dog like behaviour. He ended up at a shelter, which basically wolf dogs, or any dog that appears to be Wolfie they are put first to be euthanized. So we were alerted and we stepped in and he’s been with us ever since. This is just an example of what he normally eats. He eats a raw diet. so he gets chicken and pork. Sometimes he gets ground beef. They pretty much just annihilate this and you don’t want your fingers anywhere near a wolf’s mouth when you’re feeding it. Good boy. People have compared Yuki to the direwolves from Game of Thrones. I’m really happy that Yuki’s picture went viral. because people can see him, and people can just admire him for what he is. So this one is actually where I caught him mid-yawn. He’s pretty relaxed with people taking his picture. But it looks pretty ferocious. Jeremy: Yuki is our most successful animal in sense of fame, for sure. A Shywolf sanctuary is an exotic animal sanctuary. We mainly rescue animals that were bred to be pets. And ended up unwanted or abandoned for multitude of reasons. That’s amazing isn’t he? Look at those eyes. Hey, buddy. So Cimarron. We refer to him as a Florida Panther because he was born and bred here in Florida. But really, if you genetically tested him, he would probably DNA test as a North American mountain lion. This guy is the biggest cat in the world that can still Purr. So we do not interact directly with Cimarron. He’s the one animal we have here where you don’t. He was played with rough, and he doesn’t know how to treat a human being without injuring us. Tim: Jasper came to us actually as a wolf dog. Somebody took advantage of and he came back 100% Grey wolf. So that’s just an example of an animal being bought and sold as a wolf do, and actually turned out being a full blooded wolf. Just one of the reasons why we wound up with him. The difficulty that the owner had taking care of him If you hang back over here, there’s a chance that he’ll come up to me with you in here. But he may just end up pacing. He’s scared. Come here Jasper, come here buddy. It’s okay. Come here buddy It’s okay. Are you going to howl for us? Jeremy: It’s really exciting when we do get an opportunity to rescue a young animal. We took in two cubs today, they’re 14 weeks each. Their names are Samson and Sierra. And they are wolf dogs. This is our volunteer’s first opportunity to interact with them. Deanna: The lady who brought them down. She had some medical issues that, prevented her from getting the animals. Jeremy: Do you see those back feet? Right now, you would think that they that would indicate that these are going to be fairly large animals. I’m seeing a lot of wolfiness in the in the huge oversized paws. But I’m seeing a lot of German shepherd like stuff in the ears. You see how the ears are really oversized. They’re pointy on the top. We’ve got a couple of other animals here like that. Brittany: A year ago now, the sanctuary found out that Yuki had cancer. We don’t really know the expectancy of what could come out of Yuki’s illness. But so far, Yuki has just been in such high spirits. He’s not showing any signs of pain. He’s an awesome animal. He’s amazing. He had a rough start, someone abandoned him. I’m so glad that Shywolf, was able to step in and give him a home where he can just have so much affection and so much love given to him. Jeremy: As far as our future goes, we are trying to get to a larger property and build this a state of the art facility. Right now. We’ve been surviving on two and a half acres of land for almost 30 years. If I have 20 times the space I have now. Then I have 20 times the Yukis that I can rescue. And that’s what we’re here to do.

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  1. Ahmet Celik says:


  2. Antwan Mendez says:

    I wonder if Brooke Houts would try to hit this Dog

  3. Ananthan says:

    Grey Wind 😎😎

  4. Shadow in The midnight says:


  5. terrence smith says:


  6. Feedead says:

    9 year olds: Oh like Dire from F O R T N I T E

  7. Dan L says:

    This dog gives mail carriers a nightmare.

  8. Daniel gutierrez says:

    87% face

  9. Shannon X Pennywise says:

    Yuki is pronounced as "You-Kee!" Not "Yok-Eye" damn, get it right!

  10. Psyo Nade says:

    I saw this on a meme channel and wanted to Know more. Wow this is awesome

  11. OddTrapsYT says:

    Who else just seen this on snap

  12. Silent Girl says:

    “ you don’t want your fingers anywhere near a wolves mouth” continues to do so 2:09

  13. Straped is goated says:

    My name is actually samson

  14. ĀZĀ ZÆL says:

    Yukai? Lmao ok

  15. vio lavuli says:

    “you don’t want your fingers anywhere near a wolves mouth while you’re feeding him” she says as she puts her fingers right near his mouth while she’s feeding him

  16. puro rok says:

    Why would u say dire wolf knowing it's not even 100 gray wolf🤔

  17. Roy Epicness350 says:


  18. Kirky boy says:

    Respect to the sanctuary x big up yaselfs ya bumbaclots ya hur me

  19. Shark Hunt says:



    Bro let the mountains lion go? Why do u guys keep him if he ain't interacting with you? I feel so bad for him. Release it to it's natural habitat. Cruel.

  21. Raider Wolf says:

    He's one big puppy :3

  22. The Disease says:

    This is disgusting! Wolves and dogs are savages! #DestroyThemAll

  23. Pete Zuhut says:

    F that, that’s a wild animal

  24. Haney Zaal says:

    I literally pooped a big one when I saw that wolf's face💩

  25. Unrealdeath115 says:

    That's a B I G G O O D B O I

  26. mamster233 says:

    It looks abnormal and sick? Is that because it’s part wolf and dog?

  27. Ilegalmemesforsaledotorgdotnz says:

    Man game of thrones was so popular they made the dire wolves a real thing

  28. King Berzerk says:

    Nah that’s a werewolf

  29. Geoff Smart says:

    i want a wolf dog so bad

  30. gtlip says:

    I thought Yuki was pronounced “you key” not “you kai”

  31. le7tfeet says:

    I grew up with a 83% wolf husky, the absolute sweetest danger boi. Always nice to the little kids as young as week olds. He was impossible as a pup because he's regularly chew threw the strongest cable for leashes we could find. He lived 15 long years and was loved enough to love others

  32. lakoia mohika says:

    I actually met a wolf before, God he was precious. And H.U.G.E

  33. Madison A says:

    Hold up! That animal is malnourished, is not thriving and is miserable. Why do I say that? Look at his unkept, dull coat. That is an indication of the fact that he has a serious health problem. Look at his unsure, pensive attitude. He has no self confidence. He has no pack. The shelter who made this video is sham.

  34. Terry Langirik says:

    Great a wolf f***ed A Dog

  35. Anthony Nellon says:

    @1:35 I feel your pain wolves I feel your pain.

  36. Relic says:

    how to you say your dogs name wrong

  37. Ali Hussain says:

    great content at 5:30, such beautiful animals, surprised they opened up to human interaction so quickly 🙂

  38. Sreewzii says:

    Oi that looks like llama dog

  39. yns dex says:

    Y would u even have this she know she can die from this?

  40. Wade Benn says:

    I seen the story on snap chat had to check it out glad I did

  41. Warrior J Gamer says:

    The pictures made the dog look bigger then it actually is

  42. Juan Ordaz says:

    Lol don’t want your finger near his mouth next clip her literally feeding they smallest piece of chicken her finger dam near in its mouth

  43. Godslayer HQ says:

    You got to mate him to make more

  44. iruyo uijko says:

    that cat is pretty big😸😸😸😸😸

  45. 은하ᄋᄉᄋ says:

    You Kai

  46. Dr LMAO says:

    I guess if you want a pet that can vanquish your foes a wolfdog is the way to go.

  47. kinghtfall says:

    Imagine trying to rob this place and these beast are there

  48. Jeffrey Lindsey says:

    Thanks for what you do.Yuki is a handsome looking grey mix. I hope being in Fla. ( which is were I'm from) he has the opportunity to get in the A/C from time to time with that thicker fur. Definitely out of his geographic range!

  49. Anthony Gray says:

    I love wolves I wish I had a pet wolf

  50. Da ve says:

    Nah fam I’ll stick with a chihuahua

  51. GnonplussedGnome says:

    Sweet Baby!

  52. Carol Kamikawa says:

    Just came across your video on the Florida Panther rescued and am happy to see their rescue…What I don't understand is why they are in a "home "of what I can guess is only a 5×10?living quarter?!?…

  53. Koogan H says:

    Of course Florida 🤦🏾‍♂️

  54. Derrick Yaeger says:

    It is beautiful that you are saving all of the animals.

  55. Dan123plays says:

    Why did she pronounce "Yuki" as "Yukai"

  56. Anto Cruz says:

    My dogo argentino will destroy this giant wolf..I'm damn sure

  57. boxysquare says:

    Can we see a picture with you standing beside him? All I see is forced perspective that makes him look bigger than he is. I’m not saying he’s small, but you are being misleading.

  58. Justin Jhon says:

    Sven in real life owo

  59. djef ardeur says:

    Wolf's Rain

  60. 21'st Century Digital Boy says:

    Only in Florida. We should just fence off the state and charge admission like a zoo!

  61. Dragonball Guy says:

    Hes cool but I don't get why they're calling him "dire wolf" or "giant wolf dog" he isn't really that huge..

  62. Adee says:

    i just cant continue watching this when she keeps pronouncing yuki as yukai

  63. 2xdiddy says:

    @brook houts try hit one of these

  64. John Vargas says:

    In my opinion this is could be a dire wolf mix breed just look at how big he is..this isn't your average grey wolf thats for sure..

  65. rougoner 123 says:

    Keep this dog safe because of you know humans

  66. satinder bains says:

    All posts on YouTube depicting dog behaviour talks about WOLF KILLING by this dog or that dog. I ask those bastards don't "WOLVES" fell starvation & thirst ? Don't they feel pain like humans ? Then y those idiots always talks of wolf killing ? They r also loveable voiceless animals & need love & care. 🌍🤔

  67. sonicyell says:

    Camera trick.. irs not that big

  68. Todd Miller says:

    I worked at a guys home that had wolfs. The wolfs & I hit it off from the start. They would rub on me & give me big wet kisses…had no problem goin into pen with them. Had to go threw pen to get to fuse box…the other workin there wouldn't even get close to pen…they couldn't believe how the wolfs loved on me…& of course I showed them love right back…

  69. Rar Ity says:

    I think the cage is too small for the wolf!!

  70. Jerome Broqueza says:

    Why wolf is wild because of raw meat

  71. Jerome Broqueza says:

    Why wolf is wild because of raw meat

  72. Verbaytim YT says:

    In fact not a dire wolf. Click bait bots.

  73. M Márquez M says:

    He needs to live in a much COLDER Climate doesn't he??

  74. Jcharlene Dorado says:

    What did you do to Ghost. He’s very thin😭😭😭

  75. KAYKAY- SLAY says:

    Dire wolfs ar extinct

  76. Rooster Guwop says:

    🤔I want a yuki jr😍

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