Zwergpudel Fellpflege – Moki’s erstes Beauty Programm – Poodle Puppy Grooming

Today: My first “beauty” treatment My first groom… …so I can walk properly. When I am sleeping I don’t even notice anything… Important when taking care of my feet: Be careful when cutting the hair between my toes. Sometimes dirt gets stuck between them and that hurts when walking… First time I got brushed at my new home… I was already brushed across the grain… Start brushing across the grain, then normally… In the beginning you should brush me daily… …so I don’t get any knots. Make sure I get used to brushing within the first couple of months. Now it’s my new Dad’s turn… … but be careful at my tummy, it’s quite sensitive. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Va Ni says:

    Was benutzt ihr für eine Bürste?

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