Zwergpudel Scheren – Moki beim Frisör – Poodle Puppy First Groom

Today: Moki at the groomer Today I am getting my first bath… My fur naturally protects me from getting wet or dirty… You should only bath me as often as needed… Today I need to shower, … …because I will be groomed and my fur needs to be as clean as possible. Be careful with my ears and make sure no water gets inside. As you can see this is not my favourite thing to do! I know… I look weird now. 😉 Shake it off!!! And it’s playtime again… Because I was such a good boy, I got a treat! cow udder … addictive! Preparation for getting groomed: Brushing! Make sure there are no knots in my fur! Delicious!!! Aaaaand we are getting started… Feels a bit strange to be honest, … but this udder is just tooo good to be true. There it goes my puppy fur… This used to be mine???? My beautiful coat! 🙁 How about… I keep some of it? Why did this happen to me?!? I know whose fault it is! The udder!!! And… how do you like my new look? Thanks for watching!

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