Zwergpudel Welpe Apricot Moki – Welpen abholen, Geburt, Entwicklung – Poodle Puppy Standard

Hey! I am Moki… … I am a miniature poodle from Hamburg. Welcome to my channel! I was born on Halloween, on Oct 31st 2018. On Jan 2nd 2019 my new parents picked me up. Now I live with them… two boring people… ๐Ÿ™‚ But where is my origin? These are my actual parents. My dad is the dark apricot poodle. My parents fell in love at first sight. And then I was born, I had 4 siblings. The one with the white collar, that’s me! Back then I couldn’t see anything… But my Mum made sure we were full… The weeks went by… And Mum was brilliant! And suddenly we knew how to move. 1 week later… And another week later… …and another one. Outside for the first time! Sniffing everything! This is the day I was picked up! Everyone knew something was about to happen… …except me! And suddenly I was sitting in car… What’s next? Find out more in my next video!

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